Plantar Fascitis

Posted by Kelly B. on Oct 4th 2019

I've been using the testers you gave me. Not on my leg for lymph since during radiation these last few months I was told no working on lymph at all. But I've had a brutally painful plantar fasciitis … read more

Tennis Elbow

Posted by Kim V. on Oct 4th 2019

I have been suffering with a very painful tennis elbow for quite some time. On several bad days, I applied your cream to my forearm and around my elbow joint at bedtime. After each application, I aw … read more

Acute Injury

Posted by Henry C. on Oct 4th 2019

While playing golf with my sons and grandson I was struck in the lower left arm by a driven golf ball. It split the skin on my arm, bled openly, and showed signs of bruising immediately. I bandaged it … read more

Neck Pain

Posted by Willow H. on Oct 1st 2019

I had a really tight muscle in my neck last night (because my neck popped wrong, it happens). This usually lasts for a few days until something gives. So I applied R&R to that last night. The pain … read more

Back Pain

Posted by Rene M. on Oct 1st 2019

Holy cow. Your cream worked. John is really amazed. He's told me every day how amazing that is.. He's using the extra strength and absolutely loves it. I used it once on my back and instantly the pain … read more