Skin Condition

Posted by Michael W. on Oct 1st 2019

I received a sample of Sano Ti Amo Relief and Repair cream and not exactly know where to start. WOW is a good word to start. I live in California and have access to a buffet of products. I also suff … read more

Plantar Fasciitis - Weaked Arch - Arthritis

Posted by Linda C. on Oct 1st 2019

The pain level in my knees is a 3 and my arch & planter fasciitis also a 3. After I used the cream both went down to a 1. It took an hour for the change in pain level and the relief lasted about … read more

Heel Pain & Foot Swelling

Posted by Ben S. on Oct 1st 2019

My right heel would ache constantly and my right foot would also swell. It would hurt to walk or put pressure on my heel. I was able to walk with much less pain and I felt relief after my first appl … read more


Posted by Gayle M. on Oct 1st 2019

I have 2 fingers that ache from arthritis. They get worse as the weather gets colder. I have been putting the cream on my finger at night and within minutes the pain is relieved. It usually lasts the … read more

‚Äč Shingles

Posted by Michael H. on Oct 1st 2019

I was diagnosed with radiation induced shingles and I had horrible itching on my neck and right shoulder after being treated for cancer. Not a single prescribed lotion or over the counter product work … read more