Acute Injury

Posted by Henry C. on Oct 4th 2019

While playing golf with my sons and grandson I was struck in the lower left arm by a driven golf ball. It split the skin on my arm, bled openly, and showed signs of bruising immediately. I bandaged it well and continued to play. By nighttime, it was quite ugly, but other than the actual injury, I had little pain. 24 hours later my daughter arrived and inquired about my injury. She suggested I use the cream for its repairing properties. I applied it that night and was aware of a tingling feeling, which diminished with each use. When I woke the next morning, it had eliminated the swelling of the hematoma and it appeared the coloration within the bruise had minimized. I was surprised, as was my wife. I continued sporadic use of the cream until the wound was healed. I feel my “healing time” was shortened by use of this product.