Neck Pain

Posted by Willow H. on Oct 1st 2019

I had a really tight muscle in my neck last night (because my neck popped wrong, it happens). This usually lasts for a few days until something gives. So I applied R&R to that last night. The pain and tension disappeared over night. Today I had a hard time even remembering the tension of cinched muscle I’d had last night. I couldn’t believe it. There was NO soreness. Mind blown. I also have soreness and over extension/pinched nerve feelings if I sleep wrong (i.e. sleep any way other than flat my back a with a rolled towel under my neck all night). So, this morning I applied it to my hip and my side, the tension was gone over the day. The relief overnight on my neck, though, was like magic. Really! I have been used to using Tiger Balm and the like for relief enough to sleep at night sometimes, but come morning the effect is often gone. R&R, though, truly relieved and eased it away! I had completely forgotten about the soreness because it was gone in morning. That area has remained relieved all day long, too. Incredible.