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Innovative Products

Pain Relief Cream

Relief & Repair

Pain Relief Cream

R & R was designed as a topical pain-relieving cream to help individuals with Fibromyalgia type symptoms. By utilizing multiple key ingredients, the formulation creates a multi-level and multi-layered approach for the purpose of relieving pain and providing relief. Some of the formulation’s ingredients are known to provide several additional benefits such as, anti-inflammatory, increased blood circulation, increased lymph movement, calms nerves, reduces stress. Several customers have even reported better sleep.

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Products in the pipeline

Different Modalities

Prescription Strength Topical Pain Relief Cream
Topical Arthritis Pain Relief Cream
Sports Cream
Prescription Strength Topical Arthritis Pain Relief Cream
Line of Massage Creams with functional benefits

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Equine Formula

Cream and Linament

Our Equine formula will be the first of our veterinarian approved animal formulations.

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Canine Formula

Cream and Linament

Our canine formula is also in development.

Company Information


Sano Ti Amo LLC is a new company, an Ohio based LLC, started by partners Paul Amoroso and Karen DeLuca. It was formed in January 2018 to develop and sell its premier product R & R (Relief & Repair) Pain Relief Cream, that helps you, Take a vacation from your aches and pain!

Co-Owner, Paul Amoroso has treated thousands of chronic pain and Fibromyalgia clients for 22 years. In order to continue the benefits of his hands-on treatment, he developed an herbal based topical pain relief cream to be used during and between treatments. Mr. Amoroso developed the formula, through experience and a thorough study of the key ingredients, and his partner Ms. DeLuca then refined and created the cream for use on his clients. Paul has been using this remarkable pain relief cream successfully for years.

From the beginning, our team worked to stay within the FDA monograph guidelines with the anticipation of securing future FDA OTC registration. Then, in January 2018, the company was formed to finally produce, promote and sell the product. Starting with only a handful of customers, including individuals, some professionals, chiropractors, physical therapists and more, we are fast becoming their GO TO pain reliever cream.


Paul Amoroso has a 25-year history in business ownership and management and is a Licensed Massotheratpist in the state of Ohio where he has practiced for 23 years. His deep study of alternative medicine started in 1992 and included studies in Eastern medicine, Native medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine along with herbs and essential oils. Currently he owns and manages an Equine education-based facility and has been in that business for the last 10 years. Most recently has started a wellness company Sano Ti Amo and developed a line of topical pain-relieving creams, helping people heal from the inside out and to help address the growing national crisis of pain and the national interest in natural medicines.

Karen Deluca
Karen DeLuca has over 15 years of experience in National Sales and Marketing that was acquired while working for several Fortune 500 companies (Kelloggs, M & M Mars, Warner-Lambert, Pfizer, Cadbury, Avery Dennison). She also has experience with successful product launches, start-up companies and has participated in the start-up of three small businesses. Karen’s experience is cross functional in the areas of sales, marketing, purchasing, management, vendor and customer relationships. She has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Kent State University in Ohio and a MBA in Business with a specialty in E-Commerce from the University of Phoenix. Karen is currently an entrepreneur in her Gluten Free Bakery business, Ovenly Delights, and is in partnership with Paul at Sano Ti Amo.


Many customers have told us that they consider our product a wonder cream or a miracle cream. We have testimonials from customers who suffer from many different ailments and each time, our cream has been able to make a positive impact on their pain associated with Fibromyalgia, torn meniscus, tennis or golf elbow, plantar fasciitis, Reynaud's Syndrome, chronic pain, back and neck pain, torn hamstring, acute injuries and bruising.
We are resting squarely at the intersection of mother nature’s medicine and science. Sano Ti Amo is creating products that are transforming how people view chronic pain management and overall wellness. We hope to be the first line of defense in the search for treating all types of chronic pain and wellness issues.
R & R is being manufactured in an FDA approved facility, with FDA registration process under way. Sano Ti Amo, LLC was formed to market products nationally and internationally. Every batch is scientifically quality and purity tested. We work directly with the chemist to ensure each batch is of the highest quality and of the highest energy.
Please visit our charity at Healing Heroes with Horses. Thank you for your support.

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